Agree or disagree: Japan will benefit overall from hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics  







Agree or disagree: Japan will benefit overall from hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics  

でした。それでは、レッツラゴー (^_^)


                 I disagree on the topic that Japan will benefit overall from hosting the 2020 summer Olympics and I have three reasons why I disagree on it.


                First of all, the transportation network of hub will be surely paralyzed during the Olympics. People from almost all over the world are gathering in Kanto area to see the competitions and it means that it gets very crowded on trains or buses, and this leads to a chaos.


                Second, it will be a full of garbage in Tokyo. Today, most of trash cans are decreasing due to preventing any events by terrorists from happing. By doing so, the possibility of the events such as bomb attack might decrease however, tourists from overseas will have trouble with disposing garbage, and they begin throwing it away anywhere. The safer we try to keep Tokyo, the dirtier it gets in Tokyo.


                Lastly, rooms for travelers and game-watchers are surely short. During the Olympics, a number of foreigners are coming from other countries and stay in hub such  as Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba. Therefore, the number of rooms for them will be surely inadequate. In addition, the staff of hotels will be required to have enough skills of communicating with the guest in not only English but also other main languages such as Chinese, French, Spanish.


                In conclusion, hosting the 2020 summer Olympics will be an arduous task for the Olympics committee.