What is a very important skill a person should learn in order to be successful in the world today? Choose one skill and use specific reasons and examples to support your choice.


                I think that a very important skill which a person should learn is understanding other cultures and I have two reasons.


                First, a skill of understanding other cultures is necessary to work internationally. In the world today, a lot of jobs are dealt with other countries or foreigners. Characteristics of people depend on their nationality or where they were raised, and you need to interact with the foreigners well. Therefore, understanding the cultures is the most important among communication and language skills which are normally considered as necessary skills to work internationally.


                Second, a skill of understanding other cultures can provide you with more opportunities. If you understood cultures of people you work with, you could get familiarized with the international environment easily, communicate with your workmates well and obtain more opportunities for expanding your experience. In addition, you would be welcome by your international workmates because you understand them well; therefore, you could make a good connection in the world. Even if you only can communicate well with people or speak several languages, that’s not good enough to be successful in the world today.


                For those reasons, I think that a person should pick up a skill of understanding other cultures.


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