What would you do if you were a millionaire?

How would you spend 1 million yen?


 Have you ever thought about how you would spend 1 million yen if you had it in front of you right now and the whole amount of money belongs to you?


 I guess everyone has ever wished he/she could possess much money; such as 1 million yen or so, however, I do not think those people have never comtemplated how they would allocate 1 million yen. So, I just thought through how I would like to (not squander but) utilize 1 million yen if I had it right here, right now. One thing I'd like to focus on is sustainability, which refers to resources you can use in order to gain what will bring you something better or what could make you richer. In short, I'd say I'd spend most of the money on investment.


  First things first-----


Sorry, it is getting so late that I have to go to bed. 😴

Hope you'll have a good dream tonight.

See you soon 😉